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Recent News from the Masters


Goals & 2019 Events

One of our goals, along with helping our students to reach their own goals, was to be more active in the Community. 

We have applied to have students perform at Fulton ES's International Night and are working on getting signed up for similar events at Dayton Oaks, Pointers Run and Clarksville Elementary Schools.

If you know of any local, county or school events that MUSA & our students can participate in please let us know! 

We really appreciate your support.

Demonstrations & MUSA Demo Team

This year at demonstrations we will have a Dedicated Demo Team which will be performing alongside other students who are participating in each event. 

Demo Team members will have to commit long term to the Team however if you are not on the team but would still like to participate in specific events, like events at your home school, without committing to the team that is OK. 

Non-Demo Team members WILL be allowed to join in on performances, as long as they make it to practices leading up to the Demonstration.

Demo Team members will have a special custom Team Uniform, weekly Team practices (free in addition to regular belt-level class) & access to special events this year such as MUSA camping trips this spring & Fall.

MUSA Special Teams

In the fall we announced that we would be starting both the MUSA Demo Team & Musa Tournament Team in 2019.

These teams will be open to all students and there is also no additional fee to join. These classes will not be counted towards your regular attendance. However, there will be a strict list of rules to follow for these Teams. A Letter to Parents covering information related to these Teams as well as the Rules List will be available & posted at the studio! ***We recommend students be either at least 8 years old OR Blue Belt level & up to join the Tournament Team*** MUSA Demo team all ages No age restriction or recommendation.

See Special Team Practice Times