May 18th Tournament

Saturday May 18th we will be participating in a local Taekwondo Tournament here in Maryland.

There will be several other local schools participating at this event, our studio, MUSA being one of them. 

The areas of competition are Poomse(Forms) and Gyeorugi(Sparring). No Breaking Competition at this event. 

Generally we have only gone to about one tournament per year in the Fall, but now with a committed Tournament team, our goal is to go to more events every year to garner more experience and further challenge and motivate our students. 

All Students Yellow Belt & Up are encouraged to participate. If you are worried that is it too early to join, that is not the case. It is good to get experience as a beginner, otherwise joining for the first time as an advanced student you could be competing against someone who has already competed in several tournament before, so it is a good thing to get the experience under your belt even if you do not win your bracket. 

To make sure students have as much preparation as possible, those who join the tournament may come to both Friday Sparring classes, and practice Saturday Mornings with the tournament team without these classes counting towards your normal attendance. Meaning that if you normally come once or twice a week you can join these extra classes and come 3 or 4 times respectively. SATURDAY TOURNAMENT PRACTICE IS 8AM-9AM. (OPEN THIS WEEK 4/20)

We hope to give everyone who is interested a chance to train and compete so if you are let us know and we can discuss practice schedules and tournament sign up. Applications for the May 18th Tournament are available by request at the Studio! 

Go Team MUSA!


Recent News from the Masters


***2019 MUSA Summer Camp Early Registration***

Check your calendars! MUSA Summer camp is back in 2019, we will be offering two, one-week session, in July & August of this summer. Spots are limited so reserve yours before it is too late!

Goals & 2019 Events

Lets start by congratulating all the performers who did such an Awesome job, at the Fulton Elementary Demonstration! Way to go, as our first Demo of the year with only a few practice sessions, you guys did an amazing job, and really wowed the crowd. You made your parents and Master's very proud! Looking forward to where we go from here!

One of our goals, along with helping our students to reach their own goals, was to be more active in the Community. 

We have performed at Fulton ES's International Night and are giving  similar events at Dayton Oaks, Pointers Run and Clarksville Elementary Schools.  If you know of any local, county or school events that MUSA & our students can participate in please let us know! 

We really appreciate your support.

Demonstrations & MUSA Demo Team

This year at demonstrations we will have a Dedicated Demo Team which will be performing alongside other students who are participating in each event. 

Demo Team members will have to commit long term to the Team however if you are not on the team but would still like to participate in specific events, like events at your home school, without committing to the team that is OK. 

Non-Demo Team members WILL be allowed to join in on performances, as long as they make it to practices leading up to the Demonstration.

Demo Team members will have a special custom Team Uniform, weekly Team practices (free in addition to regular belt-level class) & access to special events this year such as MUSA camping trips this spring & Fall.


No upcoming events.