Just 5 minutes From  The Clarksville/ Fulton
 Dayton/ Columbia        Areas

13340 Clarksville Pike
Highland, MD 20777
 P: 240-463-8844
                 Tae Kwon Do
         Korean Kwon Beop
             Hap Ki Do
Tae Kwon Do

                MUSA TAE KWON DO 

  • Martial arts is the best kept secret to ABSOLUTELY & POSITIVELY increase your child’s confidence and self-esteem. Just imagine how you would feel knowing that your child could excel in school, make better friends and NEVER fall to negative peer pressure.
  • You’re thinking “come on…how can martial arts teach all that? Well, I’m here to tell you, it can give your child confidence, self esteem and so much more.

  Yes, You Can Try It Out – For Free

    To register for the Personal Analysis, FREE Private Lesson pick up the phone and call     (240) 463-8844 and we’ll schedule a special time with one of our Professional Black Belt Instructors to work with your child OR register Call for our Fall special(October 1st- November 30th) and get 1 full month and a uniform for only $59 ($230 value).  One of our courteous staff will contact you to schedule a special time for a private lesson and to answer all your questions.



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