Welcome to MUSA Tae Kwon Do

January 27th is Parents Night Out!

January 27th is Parents Night Out at MUSA!  From 5-9pm we will be doing fun activities playing team games, watching a ninja movie and having a pizza party!  All students are welcome! Friends and Family too!

Masters Meetup

Grand Master Soo Kim and Master Song

I met with Legendary Tae Kwon Do Grandmaster Soo Kim. He was kind enough to share his wealth of knowledge, experience & wisdom over lunch. Very inspirational! I hope to be better because of him, and wish Master Kim a healthy future. Hope to see you again, thank you sir! 

Our Masters

Master Song and all of our instructors  are certified by The World Tae Kwon Do Federation and International Hap Ki Do Federation, and have extensive knowledge of the art, exceptional enthusiasm, gentle but firm discipline, and unparalleled patience.  

Free Trial Class

Try out MUSA Tae Kwon Do!  You will receive a private lesson followed by a group class.  There is no better way to determine the quality, atmosphere, and benefits of our school, than to experience it yourself.