Recent News from the Masters

Master Song and Master Connor

March 26, 2020

Good Evening MUSA Families,

We have received some information regarding emergency closures from the Attorney Generals office of Maryland.

All health clubs and fitness centers (which is how our studio is registered) that are closed for over a month cannot collect any regular fee's or tuition during the time of closure. 

In accordance with the rules we will be extending all current memberships for the period missed during this crisis and mandatory closing.

While we are not allowed to collect regular fee's and will be adding all the time missed to your memberships, we can offer temporary online packages while we are closed.

So we will be offering an online option for students during the crisis.

Membership will be $100.00 for individual students and $150.00 for families (2 or more family members) per month while we are closed and will include the following benefits:

-Unlimited Access to 13+ Weekly Live Streamed Classes

Beginning Monday March 30th (Schedule will be released this weekend)

-Access to Group Zoom Video Calls. (group calls will be done in groups of same belt level)

Minimum 1 weekly one on one video call for questions and technique form/corrections. 

**Plus ALL Musa member's whether you sign up for the online package or not will still be able to access our Videos on YouTube, and we will be continuing to expand the video library and offer lots of new training videos there as well, for students and families to utilize.

This is a very difficult time for everyone especially small business and we are doing our best to provide the best possible experience to our students while we cannot interact face to face or hold classes at the studio. 

We really appreciate everyone who can support us and help keep our studio going during this uncertain time.

If you are going through a hard time personally and cannot afford the online fee, we understand and will still hold your current membership and extend it to add in all the time missed. We will gladly to help and answer any questions or requests you may have and we will continue to put out free resources as well. 

Payment will be available through check(mailed to studio) or paypal(, again $100.00 for individuals or $150.00 for the whole family. 

Online Live Streamed Classes will be Monday to Saturday and online members will have access to every class (unlimited).

Right now we are planning to hold 13 classes a week and set aside an hour daily for video conferencing sign ups(included with online class) but, will increase classes to meet demand should the need arise.

Since these classes will be for MUSA members ONLY the streams will be private. So BE SURE to join our Private Facebook group to have access to the live streams.

 Members FB Group (NEEDED For Live Streamed Classes): 

 Regular FB Page: 

Don't forget to subscribe to our youtube channel!! we will be releasing videos daily, with all new training videos and curriculum for all students from beginners to black belts! 

(If you have any video requests or specific questions let us know too!)

Best Regards,

Head Master Song

&Master Connor

MUSA Taekwondo

March 21, 2020

Happy first day of spring everyone!


Our new videos that are posted today include the next training sessions for both all level students as well as one specifically for black belts.

As well as and an explanation on keys when practicing forms & how and why we practice forms.   

We filmed all of our basic & advanced block and attack techniques and over the weekend will be working on editing them into our video library!

Our goal is to have both a full video library of the MUSA Taekwondo Curriculum for all students to use as a resource as well as lots of instructional videos and a variety of at home training activities!

Thank you so much for the positive feedback we have received thus far and for letting us know how your at home practice is going!

Here is the link to our channel: 

We are working hard to get as many new videos up for all of our students so be sure to subscribe to the channel and continue to check in on the email updates!

Please feel free to reach out with any questions and concerns, we hope that everyone stays safe and healthy! Stay tuned for further updates!

March 16, 2020

With the Maryland Governor's latest executive order to close all bars, restaurants, movie theaters and gyms, we will also be shutting down the studio here at MUSA.

MUSA will be closed for this week (3/16-3/21) and see how things are. We will make another announcement regarding our status either Saturday or Monday. 

In the meantime! We are preparing some training videos and looking into possible live-streaming practices for our students during this time of quarantine. So, be sure to check for future emails, hopefully we will have some fun content for you guys, while everyone is at home doing there best to remain safe and healthy. 

March 13, 2020


Hello MUSA Families, 

Today, MUSA Taekwondo school underwent a deep cleaning, which included a virucidal wipe down of all surfaces, including front desk, door knobs, benches, walls, and light switches, as well as all targets, other equipment and floors to stay extremely hygienic in our school. The staff of MUSA Taekwondo are taking every proactive step to keep the dojang cleaner and safer for all of our students and families. We will continue to do these wipe downs everyday, along with out normal cleaning routines. 

As I write this, MUSA Taekwondo is planning to be OPENED as scheduled. However, everyone is urged to stay informed about COVID-19 and follow the well-established prevention tips like washing hands before and after their class, staying home if sick and calling ahead to a health provider if experiencing symptoms. We will gladly provide make up sessions for any missed classes due to illness.

Hand sanitizer dispenser is available and located by the desk, and outside the entrance to the studio room please use it when entering and exiting the studio. We also ask that everyone be diligent about washing hands. Please wash hands both before and after class.

We ask if all students could please TAKE ALL SPARRING BAGS HOME and wipe down all pieces of sparring equipment. (Cloth gear can be put through a delicate wash, do not machine dry.)

For the time being we will not be doing any contact sparring during this time. during our normal sparring classes, we will focus on skills training, kicking, weapons and forms instead. 

Further updates will be provided if the situation changes.

**Black Belt Testing**

Black Belt Testing will be in two separate portions:

Saturday, March 14th 2:30pm: Physical ability test, kicking & breaking portions.

Saturday March 28th 2:30pm: Black Belt curriculum test: Forms(poomse), Weapon skills (Bo-staff, knife, sword), falling technique, self defense, kicking technique etc. 

Please be sure to return your application if you have not yet!

We will be holding a special Black Belt Practice on March 21st in preparation for the march 28th test. This is an optional open practice from 2-4pm next saturday for black belts to get extra training. 

During the March 14th Test we will no longer be doing any contact sparring and have devised a substitute portion for the sparring exam.

**3/21 Special Schedule & Tournament Team**

Due to expanding concerns we will be rescheduling the joint practice to a later date.

Saturday 3/21 all normally scheduled classes will be open with the additional Test practice stated in the previous email taking place from 2-4pm. 

We want everyone in our community to know that we care about them and will do everything in our power to ensure that we all stay safe and healthy during these difficult times. We will make sure to continue sharing information with you through emails. If you know anyone who is not receiving our emails please have them contact us, or reply with their email address so we can add them to our email list. 

Please feel free to reach out with any questions and concerns, and we hope that everyone stays healthy!


Head Master Song

&Master Connor

240 463 8844